BaseVISor 2.0.2

Fast, Customizable, Forward-Chaining Inference Engine supports OWL 2 RL

BaseVISor 2.0.2 is a powerful semantic inference and information fusion technology that enables organizations to develop an ontology-driven approach to information and knowledge representation and reasoning. BaseVISor 2.0.2 supports the W3C’s OWL 2 RL standard recommendation including its complement of XSD datatypes. It features a highly efficient forward-chaining inference engine, optimized for ontological and rule-based reasoning. It can be embedded into existing applications and extended to meet application-specific requirements. BaseVISor 2.0.2 can be deployed as a Web service, on the Android platform, and as a plugin to TopBraid Composer 3.4.

BaseVISor’s declarative ontology and rule-based reasoning can be combined with application procedural code to ease application maintenance and upgrades. Application rules can be changed without requiring changes to an application’s underlying compiled code base. BaseVISor rules, combined with a shared ontology, can provide a single, unified data view across all of an organization’s applications. This capability enables the implementation of precise information retrieval and enterprise integration. With BaseVISor, business processes and data sources can map to each other through a common meta-model resulting in the reduction of data redundancy and a consistent semantic interpretation across all enterprise applications.

OWL ontologies and BaseVISor rules can be combined to enable precise definition of relationships and constraints that can provide context for the use of enterprise information and processes; establishing a formal specification of business concepts and their interrelationships can help facilitate machine-based inference. A well-defined business ontology comprising critical metadata provides the means to tie systems together in ways that increase overall enterprise agility and flexibility.

BaseVISor 2.0.2 is licensed for academic and research use free of charge; all other uses require a commercial license.